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    I’m a long time Fedora user and want to switch to either Antergos or Manjaro.
    The reason I want to switch is because of Gnome 3.20. For some reason, it’s not as fluent as before and I hate the new gtk.css config file to make the title bars bearable.

    So I want to switch to XFCE. In all honestly, I like the look of XFCE Manjaro but I would prefer to have Antergos as it’s more ‘vanilla’.

    Can any of you show me how XFCE on Antergos looks and maybe tell me how to customize it? I’ve tried installing GTK themes in Fedora XFCE but I always fail to do so… I just want my DE to look nice out-of-the-box :)

    Thanks for the information.

  • @peetersdave001 This might be a useful google search for you: link
    I haven’t used XFCE on Antergos yet but it actually looks pretty good, although the Antergos devs do a good job on all their DE’s which was a big reason I came to it at first besides the Arch Linux base obviously :)

  • here is a screen of my xfce-setup
    alt text

  • @darknet dang that’s nice! Do you have a lot of subtle transition effects and such or do you keep it even simpler than that?

  • I keep it as simple as possible, you know K.I.S.S.

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