• Deepin Desktop not working properly.

    I have installed Deepin on my Antergos system and I do believe I have installed all the necessary dependencies as I followed the Deepin Arch Wiki very precisely. I have added lightdm-deepin-greeter to the greeter-session in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf as well as editing ~/.xinitrc to add startdde. In my initial set up, after logging in at the greeter screen, Deepin would load and the desktop background would flash and then disappear leaving me with some sort of triangle filled background that I could not right-click on to change along with having the top panel with the Gnome footprint showing that I could bring up the App menu with, but could not right click to edit that panel either. I would bring up a console and type startdde to which the background would load and the dock would show up, but I could not click on any applications on the dock or right click on it. Also, it would give me a slew of errors, but one that would not stop and would make my PC speaker beep every 1.5 seconds for eternity:
    Added: MonitorDVI_1
    <warning> utils.go:231: Query prop backlight failed: 83
    I edited .xinitrc once again and added deepin-session to the very bottom on a whim, and now it loads everything without my having to enter startdde (yay!), but I am still having the issue with the dock being unusable and now I can “feel” it lagging/locking up every 3-5 seconds for about 1 second at a time. The gnome footprint along with the top panel is totally missing too. It appears if the same thing is happening as I can see it constantly adding my GPU in the Xorg log.

    Here is the pastebin of Xorg.0.log: http://pastebin.com/bmQLJSwk

    Also, here is a screenshot of what it looks like currently: https://sli.mg/5C2ZwG

    You can see that the top panel is completely missing.
    Does anyone have any ideas how to go about fixing this? I’m pretty lost.
    I am currently doing a pacman -Syu in hopes that maybe an update will fix the issue, but I really doubt it will. Any suggestions/help will be EXTREMELY appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  • @percy4209 said in Deepin Desktop not working properly.:

    @percy4209 I fixed it.

    How is Deepin working out for you? I did a command line set up for Antergos the second or third go and installed DDE but it was still a bit too buggy for me. I went from installing DeepinOS to Manjaro Deepin to Antergos + DDE, and then finally XFCE.

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