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    Hello folks,

    I’m having quite the headache here: after updating the system through the Cinnamon automatic updater as I always do, I opened Steam and it also asked to be restarted in order to apply some updates, usual stuff. I did it, restarted Steam and then it wouldnt open anymore. I looked into it on the internet but couldn’t find a thing. After that, I went for my torrent client, qBittorrent, but it also wouldn’t open. Decided to reboot the system and then the greeter didn’t load properly. The screen flashed white, went to black and the greeter was there, completely blank and unusable. I’m posting from my cellphone and I have no idea what to do. Can any of you help me?

  • @olivigora Are you able to change to a tty at all? ctrl + alt + F1 thru F6

    What gpu are you using? What driver package are you using? Was there a kernel update involved?

    I have had to fix a similar issue before with arch-chroot if this is the same thing…

  • @n_mag I can access tty without problems. I use an Intel HD Graphics 3000, driver xf86-video-intel and no kernel updates. Everything loads fine, except the greeter, which is plain white and non-responsive. It is there, but white and without buttons or space to type my password

  • @olivigora you happen to trying doing another update on a working TTY? pacman -Syu
    I’m suspecting a partial upgrade happened so just checking.

    Also, you can temporarily work on the lightdm greeter by using systemctl stop lightdm. However , before that, can you post generally what systemctl status lightdm gives you? I know you can’t exactly screenshot it so you can just say whether it failed or something like that. I can’t remember but you might need to put something like lightDM or LightDM with the capitalization specifically as isbut ya… I’m not on my AnArch machine right now so I can’t check. Also, check systemctl --failed as well just to get more info jic.
    Reference: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/systemd if you need to

    A temporary solution I can suggest in the mean time to just to get you up and running in a DE would be to install and use gdm. The problem seems to be just with LightDM

    To switch to gdm:

    1. systemctl stop lightdm && systemctl disable lightdm
    2. pacman -S gdm --confirm
    3. systemctl enable gdm && systemctl start gdm

    You can then change to the new greeter by switching back to the F7 TTY I believe.

  • hey @n_mag
    so, I was going through var/log/pacman.log just to see if there was something wrong and I noticed an nvidia driver installed when it shouldn’t be. I removed it and reinstalled the xf86-video-intel and changed to gdm by disabling lightdm then enabling the other one. It’s working fine so far, only difference is that it takes longer to load the graphic interface after inserting the password, but nothing that really matters.
    I shall look at these other things you pointed and check the status of lightdm. I will post the results here too, just in case.

    Thank your for your attention and your help (:

  • @olivigora no problem! I assume lightDM should work now after you got your graphics drivers fixed up, so if you using already I’d try using it again. I like gdm but it’s quite “meh” since it’s not “blessed” by Antergos if you know what I mean.
    And no problem! Give my post a heart if you don’t mind, the reputation apparently matter in getting to reply faster as I’m technically still a forum noob.

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