• {Solved} Configurations not sticking, grub loads terminal not DE/WM.

    So I’m glad I didn’t make Antergos my main OS just yet because since I installed it it’s been giving me a headache. I’m using Openbox and I absolutely love the look and feel of the OS, but, unfortunately, none of my customizations are sticking. When I restart, everything is gray: I have no wallpaper, the tint2 panel is grayed out and transparent, plank settings revert to default, and conky just kind of seems like a waste of resources. To top it off, after two days of trying to figure out how to make my configurations stick, now Antergos isn’t booting into Openbox at all. It’s coming up as a terminal when I select it in Grub. I don’t know how to change this, maybe I broke something when I was using pamac, but Antergos has been nothing but a headache so far.

  • @davidless , Antergos is just a tool. If someone is to blame is its user. Maybe Arch is not for you. Or maybe you should try a more straightforward DE. I have given Openbox a (very short) go myself and almost every single bit of it needed strenuous studying on my behalf so that I could make out how to make use of it…

  • Well that’s not helpful at all. Just because someone has trouble doesn’t mean they should give up. I’m just looking for someone to walk me through this.

    FYI, I found a solution in another thread that you suggested to someone else. I reacquired lightdm and lightdm-webkit2-greeter and that allowed me to log back into the WM, but once I got in, I couldn’t update anything. I kept getting authentication errors. Oddly enough, my visual configurations were all of a sudden visible, but none of my programs worked.

  • @davidless

    Well that’s not helpful at all…I’m just looking for someone to walk me through this.

    I really apologize if I didn t realize that you are seeking help. Please be more precise on what the problem is, how/when/after what that happened.
    To be honest, I got stuck in this…
    @davidless said

    So I’m glad I didn’t make Antergos my main OS just yet because since I installed it it’s been giving me a headache.
    but Antergos has been nothing but a headache so far.

    I ll be glad to assist you, if I can.
    *Not on strictly Openbox though, I had bad times with it myself as confessed, earlier…

  • All I meant by the comment about not making it my main OS was that if I had done that before I had finished configuring everything, then I would be left with an OS that is unusable until I can figure out this issue which seems to have cropped up out of nowhere.

    My issue is different from my main post now. Like I said, I installed lightdm and lightdm-webkit2-greeter and it allowed me to log into my window manager which is currently Openbox. So that part is solved. The issue I’m having now is that I’m getting an authentication error. I’ve checked to see that I have a policykit installed and I do. But for some reason Pamac isn’t allowing me to install anything within the GUI only in the terminal.

    As for the Openbox visual configurations not sticking, right now it’s the least of my concerns. I just need the OS to function the way it did when I first installed it. I’m trying to figure out what I could have Installed that messed things up, but I don’t rememeber and don’t know where to look to check.

  • I solved the problem on my own.

  • @davidless Well done!!!👍
    Will you please share your solution so that others could benefit in the future?
    *I do hope you ll get to know Antergos and choose it as your main OS/distro.👌

  • @davidless indeed, it would be helpful to know what you were even doing to change settings so we may perhaps know why the settings were not loading correctly. I have never had an issue like this with using Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, or base install.

  • The problem was the lack of a display manager. I uninstalled LightDM and the webkit2-greeter and didn’t replace it so it was only letting me see the terminal. I found out about startx and used that to login. When I logged in, Openbox was not at all like I set it up so I just reinstalled it using pamac and restarted and it came up with the default settings. From there I decided to stay without a display manager and set my login to automatically open startx and customized from there. Now everything is working and keeping the settings I input.

  • @davidless good to know, that’s pretty informative I wouldn’t have thought about that just reading, thanks :)

  • @davidless , thanks.
    I ve marked it as solved for you. Sorry I had to cut on wording to to limitations…

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