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    I was previously using KDE Plasma 5+, and I switched to cinnamon using yaourt cinnamon, however, the DE has some things that I know are different than if I had installed it from from the ISO. For example, the task manager is at the bottom, not all the icons are setup, and I believe the theme overall isn’t really the same, and some of the menu transitions just don’t seem that smooth, so I was curious how I might make the necessary changes to get everything like new without having to refresh my install.

    I also noticed that Konsole remained my only terminal application, so I installed gnome-terminal and just removed Konsole, so I believe perhaps because KDE has it’s own default version that the cinnamon package might not have pulls everything because it thought it was already there perhaps.

    I did uninstall plasma by running yaourt -Rcns plasma and tried to make sure all the packages it removed were okay, and I reinstalled cinnamon (yaourt cinnamon) just in case I was missing anything and it was all good.

    Also, would using an AUR package be the good route to get my cinnamon install to follow the development of how Linux Mint has its cinnamon install? There are some little things I really like about their particular version of the DE like transparent start menu, and some more transitions like when you open the start menu and such that just makes the whole experience quite nice! Thank you for your time.

    PS: yes I did switch the theme and the window style to Numix, changed icon theme to Numix Square. There is no other theme for the mouse besides adwaita

    PSS: the cinnamon package DID come from the Antergos repo, not Arch’s as I used specifically “yaourt cinnamon” so I could make sure to choose Antergos’ version.

  • I believe yaourt uses the AUR while pacman would be the command you would have wanted. That should use the Antergos repo. You should be able to leave plasma installed and switch between the 2 when you type your username and password in when you start the computer.

  • @Shryp I used the antergos repo to install the cinnamon package. Sorry I probably typed it too late in the OP but in the PSS I mentioned I used yaourt to choose the antergos package. When you run yaourt pkg-name without options it shows you a list of items you can select and it shows you what repo it comes from, and I chose cinnamon from the Antergos repo.

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