• Cnchi 0.14.130 failure to finish WORKAROUND

    Re: Can't Finish Fetching Packages

    This couldn’t of happened at a worse time. Just wanted to quickly redo laptop and do a service call LoL.
    OK for now lets just do the workaround.

    -Disconnect from network
    -Boot into LiveCD
    -Close Cnchi
    -Once logged in, open terminal do sudo pkill pacman, this kills pacman-boot which would force a cnchi update on network connect
    -Connect to network
    -In terminal do sudo cnchi --disable-update

    Actually finish an install with ISO’s cnchi v0.14.113, yey…

  • @Jebtrix Nice will tyr right away

  • Worked great with live. Tried the minimal first and cnchi just closed after selecting DE and while ranking mirrors.

  • @Tiedemann

    Haven’t attempted with minimal, noted. Could try sudo cnchi --disable-rank-mirrors --disable-update

    1 outta 2 ain’t bad though :)

  • So if I try to install right now, will I have to deal with this bug? I was thinking about doing a fresh install this afternoon, but if it’s going to be problematic, I’ll hold off for a while.

  • @baron_iv Well. I have not encountered any issues with this workaround. I only selected xfce, SMB and AUR support though. Nothing more fancy than that.

  • Did you guys install the default Gnome desktop with this workaround? I just tried this with Cinnamon and it didn’t work. The end result was the same old error:

    Can't install necessary packages. Cnchi can't continue.
    Please reference the following number when reporting this error: 216894

    I chose all other features for the setup, except these three: “Chromium Web Browser”, “Kernel (LTS version)” and “Steam + PlayOnLinux”.

  • @Gladiator

    That wasn’t the error I was working around, it was the list index out of bounds which would make cnchi get stuck on last package. I did try your specified install options in a vbox quick, it gave me an erroneous not enough space error at the very end. Suffice to say cnchi got some serious issues…

  • @Gladiator

    I upped the VM ram to 8GB then I got error 217251 (at the very end of course):

    [ERROR] pac.py(157) finalize_transaction(): Can’t finalize alpm transaction: transaction failed, pm_errno 34 (invalid or corrupted package), []

    Oh the fun…

  • The issue should be resolved in Cnchi 0.14.133. Cheers!

  • Now I’m getting (VM install):

    [ERROR] process.py(132) run(): misc.extra.InstallError: ‘Setup cannot detect size of your device, please use advanced installation routine for partitioning and mounting devices.’

  • @thothix

    I already notified that bug to the dev lots0logs, squashed it in 15min, fixed in 0.14.134. Not sure when it’ll pull automatically.


    Kudos to lots0logs for lightning fast fix!

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