• Can't Finish Fetching Packages

    I am trying to install the latest stable release of Antergos, and I am having some problems working with Cnchi 0.14.130. I get to where it is fetching and installing packages just fine. However, once it gets to the last package the application “freezes”. The slide show still scrolls through but Cnchi doesn’t do anything. It just says fetching whatever happens to be the last package. Is this a known issue? I have looked at the logs in the /tmp folder and found no errors. Thanks for the help.

  • https://is.gd/6aKs04

    Same as that I guess (copied from someone on IRC)

    “IndexError: list index out of range”

    I had the same issue. No log made and it doesn’t help selecting other packages during install.

  • I was able to get Cnchi to output to a console during an install and got that same message. Is there a work around or do we just wait for a fix?

  • I have the same issue using an macbook pro 15 inch late 2008. I tried with both the minimal iso and the live iso. Both with gnome desktop. the weird part is that it is not always the same package that get stuck, but always the last one .

  • I can confirm that with cnchi 0.14.130, the final package always hangs. There aren’t any errors even while running cnchi or cnchi-dev as su via terminal.

    I have checked the antergos build site and there is a notification at the top that says Updating Antergos Staging repo database, so I’m wondering if that has something to do with it.

  • The issue should be resolved in Cnchi 0.14.133. Cheers!

  • When will this fixed version of cnchi be out? I got this issue too… :(

  • Hello,

    The Issue is fixed/resolved with Cnchi 0.14.140-1. I did a successful installation about an hour ago with cinnamon DE.

    Thank you very much, lots0logs and karasu.

  • So I need to redownload the Iso from the download page or how did you get the new fixed version? Thanks & kind regards.

  • Hi, sorry for my english…It is not my native language.

    You don´t need redownload new ISO. I assume you have the latest ISO(2016.07.19).

    Usually I do the following:

    -Boot into LiveCD/LiveUSB(I use LiveUSB)
    -Connect to network
    -Wait(it takes some time)cnchi update (0.14.140-1, in this case) on network connect
    -Start and finish the install.(obviously after choose my preferred DE and all necessary steps)

  • Thank you sir! Have a nice day & take care! I will try and come back with result I get, by the way your english is very good :).

  • You are welcome.
    Good luck😄

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