• canon pixma mg 5500

    hello i’m new to antergos , i’m used to linux mint
    but i replaced that distro for antergos
    but i can’t install the canon-pixma-mg5500-complete
    its in the aur but won’t install
    can anyone help me

  • @metalheadbanging try installing
    sudo pacman -S gutenprint

    here is the AUR page for your driver

    what error are you getting on trying to install?

  • fout:doel niet gevonden: lib32-libpng12
    fout:doel niet gevonden: lib32-libusb-compat
    fout:doel niet gevonden: lib32-libtiff4
    ==> FOUT: ‘pacman’ kon de ontbrekende afhankelijkheden niet installeren
    this are the errors that i get

  • ive install al the depencies manual with the aur
    then de pixma complete
    when i tried to print
    error unable to locate printer
    this solution did it
    Hostname resolution
    Avahi provides local hostname resolution using a “hostname.local” naming scheme. To enable it, install the nss-mdns package and start avahi-daemon.service.
    Then, edit the file /etc/nsswitch.conf and change the line:
    hosts: files dns myhostname
    hosts: files mdns_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns myhostname

  • @megaman

    thnx for the replay

  • @metalheadbanging couldnt tell. did you get it working?

  • @megaman
    yes he did print a few pages

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