• Can't find 32-bit downloads

    I understand that the 6/14 was the last 32-bit, but I can’t download it no matter what I do. but the link goes to antergos-2016.06.18-i686.iso which doesn’t exist. I changed the URL to antergos-2016.06.14-i686.iso but that fails as well.

    I’ve gone to the blog and tried to go to older releases, but each one of them takes me to the 06/18 versions which don’t seem to work for me.

    I’ve heard really good things about Antergos and want to deploy it on an old netbook, which unfortunately is 32-bit only. There was much more useful information in the post, that had to be removed because of the SPAM filter, which apparently thinks links to the Antergos web site is SPAM

  • It’s not just me. The links are definitely broken.

  • Odd to me that this has been broken for some time and it’s not been fixed.

  • Hi
    I might be wrong (haven t verified it with the devs) but it s probably been discontinued. Assuming Antergos rolling release scheme, with the introduction of the latest ISO release, older isos (with 32bit option) must have been taken down.
    Again, we have to verify this with the @developers

  • 32-bit ISO’s have been discontinued due to the extremely low usage (10% of total Iso downloads) and was getting lower each day. The amount of effort required to maintain a fully functioning 32-bit installation image is not at all proportional to how much of our user base it benefits. Sorry.

  • I think the issue here is the original poster understands that they are discontinued. He was trying to download the old copy of the last 32-bit version that was released. Going through the old blog announcements the download links point to the new ISOs, so he can’t download the old ISOs. If anything you would think the old torrents are still being seeded if anyone can find the .torrent file for him.

  • @Shryp said i

    If anything you would think the old torrents are still being seeded

    That s right. There s going to be a lot of confusion if the 32 bit versions are kept being showing. I guess there will be users trying to download older versions of it.

  • Thank you Shryp for understanding my issue,

    If they’ve been removed, that’s fine and certainly understandable. If that’s the case, then the wording should be changed and the links to the 32-bit downloads should be removed rather than being broken and the text indicating that they should be available.

    Right now the text on the 6/14 blog entry shows: We are discontinuing the 32bit versions of our install media. This will be the last release that includes 32bit media. This change applies to the install media only. We will continue to maintain 32bit packages in our repository for the foreseeable future.

  • 32bit media. what are the benefits of running with and on 32?

  • Hi,

    Due to the nature of the rolling release model, we do not archive old versions of our ISO images. When a new image is generated, the old images are removed. I admit the blog posts regarding ISO images do make it seem as though the old images would be accessible. I’ve been meaning to change the format for quite some time now but have not gotten around to it. Sorry about that! 😅

    That being said, depending on your system, it might be possible for you to boot using the 64-bit images. If so, the installer will still detect that your system is 32-bit and the proper packages will be installed (in theory, at least).

  • @erschulz Try using a website archiving site. I’ve downloaded a previous version of Skype before like this and it might still be there.

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