• Lack of colors in Konsole

    Hey everyone,

    So I just freshly installed Antergos with KDE. The only real thing that’s bugging me is that colors in the terminal aren’t printing out properly.

    For example, in Sabayon and Korora, I would have colored syntax in vim, and more color variation for daily tasks.

    If I was to write a C file in Sabayon, the syntax would be beautifully highlighted and easier on the eyes. But in Antergos, it’s all just white with no colors.

    I’ve set the TERM variable to xterm-256color, but no dice thus far. I’ve also tried Terminator, and that terminal has the same problem.

    Thanks everyone.

  • Hi
    I m not quite sure if I get you correctly. You mean you can t change Konsole s colors via its settings?

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  • Well I theoretically ‘can’, but the only change that takes effect is changing the terminal theme. Linux colors, Solarized, Black on White, etc. Still no syntax highlighting.

    Again as I said, this problem is affecting terminator as well. Makes me think something is not installed, idk.

  • Hi, if you mean this: http://imgur.com/a/qvN2O AFAIK, Sabayon is the only distro that I have used that has this color schema in their terminal screen, maybe there’s other distros with this enabled by default that I don’t know of.

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  • @metaldude

    Maybe it’s just a KDE thing. Because a lot of GNOME distros (idk about Antergos) have colors, but you’re right, Sabayon seems to be the only one that has those colors.

  • Hey @liamphmurphy
    To have syntax highlighting in vim, type in
    :syntax on

    If you want to make it permanent you should add “syntax on” to your ~/.vimrc file
    or even better use the The Ultimate vimrc (https://github.com/amix/vimrc)

    Here is the install instructions
    Do not run as sudo

    git clone https://github.com/amix/vimrc.git ~/.vim_runtime
    sh ~/.vim_runtime/install_awesome_vimrc.sh

    The Ultimate vimrc

    The other thing that you can look at is dircolors-solarized for making your list directory (ls) beautiful

    Hope this help

  • So, there are certain aliases in other distributions as well that are preconfigured I’ve learned. For example, if you look up the aliases using alias it will bring up all the loaded goodies. You’ll notice grep is aliases as grep = grep --color=auto and ls = ls --color=auto. So you can just add to your .bashrc file these and other aliases like for vim and you’re golden.

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  • @pyUser Wow, this actually looks really nice. I installed it and it looks great.


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