• Internet grinds to halt after connecting to router

    When i load into Antergos, connect to my router, and say, search the web… After a few minutes or so, my internet just stops working, my main desktop doesn’t connect to the internet, if i’m watching a video on my phone, it gives an error saying i need an internet connection, and whatever i’m doing on the device i have Antergos installed on stops working. I’ve tested on my desktop and laptop multiple times, same result.

  • @Jeannie__ Well, to get my internet up and running again i HAVE to restart it, this problem is caused by antergos, has to be

  • Before the problem begins, ping your routers IP address from both your laptop and desktop. Do you get a response?

    Once the issue of not be able to access the Internet begins, have you tried pinging your router IP from both your laptop and desktop? If you can ping your routers IP, try to ping beyond your router using ping Does that work?

    If you can’t ping your router once the issue begins, can your laptop still ping your desktop and vice versa?

    This issue is going to take some basic troubleshooting in order to determine where the problem actually resides.

  • @Jeannie__ Yes, this only happens with Antergos, (This doesn’t happen on normal Arch either).

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