• computer crashes with flashing lights on the keyboard

    A few weeks ago, my computer started to submit crashes with the keyboard lights flashing. Initially I thought it was a problem with the Kernel, but installed the LTS version and the problem persists.

    There is no exact time for the crash, sometimes occurs before the logon screen, sometimes after. When I start a game or a video.

    I’m starting to think is hardware problem, is there anything I can do to check? I am a beginner on these matters.

    Sorry for any errors of English, I am using an online translator.

  • When it happens to you, reboot and check the system log from the last boot (go to the end of it):

    sudo journalctl -xb -1

  • @karasu Once the system has restarted I ran the command, and I began to check, the end to the beginning. There are some minor errors, but nothing that I believe to be the cause. This is a print from the end of the result of the command:

    0_1469540955227_Captura de tela de 2016-07-26 10-40-25.png

  • Yep, nothing is shown there.

    Which graphics driver are you using? Perhaps you could do a memory check… Do you have any other OS installed on that machine?

  • I have a AMD video card, I use the open source drivers.

    The other system I have installed on this PC is a Windows 8. But that is hardly used, only for my mother.

    I’ll look here how to check the memory.

    But yesterday when they initiated my computer, turned up this following error at startup. There seems to be a problem in the CPU.


  • That means that the CPU is detecting a hardware malfunction, so it could be memory, io or the CPU itself. I’d guess memory.

    You should run memtest86+ (http://www.memtest.org/) on it (there’s an option in Grub to do it)


  • From the error, it looks like it is the L2 cache memory on the CPU itself.

  • Yesterday I left memtest86 + as much as I could, he got some 10 hours before I shut down the PC, and found no errors in this period.

    Well, being a hardware error, and I don’t have much knowledge in this area, I will ask a technician to look at the State of the pieces, for the next few days, and then post here the unfolding of history.

    But I would like to thank the help and attention, thank you very much.

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