• Iphone and Antergos: now I have some problems.

    now, when I try to connect my Iphone , I cannot access at my photos.
    I have installed :

    sudo pacman -S gvfs-afp gvfs-afc

    but I have this answer:

    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo pacman -S gvfs-afp gvfs-afc
    errore: il seguente pacchetto non è stato trovato: gvfs-afp
    attenzione: gvfs-afc-1.28.2-1 è aggiornato ma sarà reinstallato
    [[email protected] ~]$

    Practically the package gvfs-afp, now don’t exist anymore.

    I have also installed this:

    sudo pacman -Syyuu ifuse usbmuxd libplist libimobiledevice


  • I’am sorry, but I have solved the problem with the help from this url:

    A greeting to all.

  • Sorry nobody could help you, and thanks albert for sharing the answer!

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