• root part full / 20 Gb

    My / is full what can i do?
    have 2 part one / and one /home

  • @iwar I think all updates made my / partiton full is there a way to clean?

  • @iwar Maybe you can Try to clean pacman cache.

  • sudo pacman -Sc , cleans the oldest cache but still saves the freshed one, also look in your log ?

    du -sh /var/log
  • You might be able to resize /home to be a little smaller and / to be a little larger. Look into resizing partitions.

  • i also have some win partition i think i can remove, but how without destroy Antergoes? i Have not started win for a long time now

  • Ringo 32 that command was a good one my part / was full 100 % i run youre command than 518 updates than youre comand again no root is 54% full good,thanks
    i run it as su have no sudo?

  • @iwar You have to add your user to the wheel group if you didn’t do that with cnchi. Check into users and groups on the Arch wiki. You edit the sudoers settings using visudo as root. You can choose your editor with EDITOR=your-editor visudo

  • Thanks a lot for youre adwise.

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