• Installation of a printer HP Photosmart 5520.

    a year ago, the installation of a printer was very easy: it was an automatic job.
    Now my HP Photosmart 5520, when it is recognized, it is not able to print, and the system tells me that the printer is not connected.
    I have searched in the forum, and I understand that there are problems with Cups, and there are also some tips, but I need a simple guide to install it.
    Could you help me?
    Thank you all.

  • @albert how did you install the printer this time? do you have hplip installed?

  • Hi,
    you know, it can happen to change distro… and I noticed that a few days ago, when with Antergos I needed to print, this time the printer is not responding to commands.
    Yes, Hplip is installed by default.

  • @albert i would start this over from the beginning. delete the printer from your print settings and add it again. see if it will print the test page after adding. HP pretty good supported printer on Linux.

  • I thank you @megaman ,
    I have deleted the printer and when I add it again , the printers had become two:
    Photosmart 5520
    Photosmart 5520 usb
    The second works very well, the first no.
    Again, I thank you for the help.

  • glad to hear it @albert 👍 😎

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