• Unable to right click desktop until file manager opened

    I have this weird bug in which the cinnamon desktop does not load my desktop icons (my computer, text files, other icons) or does not let me right click the desktop unless I open a file manager which then allows me to see everything and right click again. This occurs at after log in.
    This has occurred on other cinnamon distribution as well (Linux Mint 18 Sarah).
    Thank you.

  • @lrwong Might need to file a bug report
    Also, have you checked the logs to check around for any weird happenings? I haven’t done this myself yet but I found this article that might help: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/214472/where-is-the-cinnamon-lookingglass-log

    Sys01: Antergos + Mate; GTX 1070 + nvidia package :)
    Sys02: Antergos + Mate on Surface Pro 3

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