• Bioshock Infinite requires OpenGL 4.1

    Hi, I am trying to play Bioshock Infinite to run on my computer. When I try to play it through Steam it gives me a popup with
    ’Unfortunately, the game requires OpenGL 4.1 to run, and your OpenGL driver does not provide support for it. The game will now exit.'
    I am very new to Linux so I might be missing something obvious but I was under the impression that Mesa 12.0 provided the requirements to play Bioshock. Let me know if there is anything additional I need to do.

  • I believe you will need a better graphics card to play Bioshock Infinite. What is your openGL version?

    check with

    sudo pacman -S mesa-demos
    glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"
  • The reply by @stefanoume12 above is perfect.

    If you have not only mesa-demos but also inxi package installed, there’s another way to view the OpenGL version - with the command

    inxi -Gxx

    Obviously, the result will be identical to those returned by the glxinfo command.

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