I had Antergos with Gnome installed, and decided to try out Cinnamon. I installed the “cinnamon” package and it seems to be working well, but for some reason Cinnamon’s lockscreen seems to be competing with the login screen (where you pick the user, DE, and log in).

For example, Cinnamon was set to lock screen after 10 minutes by default, and it went directly to the login screen then. I changed the time to 45 minutes, and now the screen locks with Cinnamon’s lockscreen. And when I suspend the computer, I actually get both after waking up. First, I get Cinnamon’s lockscreen, and after entering the password it brings me to the login screen, where I enter my password again, and when I do that, it takes me to my Cinnamon desktop. Why is it happening, and can it be fixed somehow?