• Octopi update breaks system. . . .

    This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. . . something about modlules for zfs not installed. . . this happened after updating software this morning. ( It appeared to be 4-packages that were related to updating the kernel. ) The only thing I can boot up into is a terminal and prompt. I tried to find answers to this first time this happened on the Internet but didn’t see any real solutions that I can ascertain. I had to re-install this distro after it crashed the first time this happened. I wish there is an easy fix or answer to this problem. . . Gnome works great. I’ve also used Manjaro for some time and may have to go back because this is becoming a labor some problem for me. Any help or quick response to fix this issue would be great. . .
    Thnx. .


  • @rich52 you could also simply

    sudo pacman -Syu


  • Sorry, this doesn’t work. . . doesn’t recognize pacman. . . . . zfs modules aren’t loaded or can’t be found. . . .
    Thanks for the help.


  • Same problem here using the native update manager.

    Blocked on splash screen between grub and desktop.

  • sorrys guys im not familiar with the zfs file system.

  • @megaman said in Octopi update breaks system. . . .:

    sorrys guys im not familiar with the zfs file system.

    For me isn’t a ZFS issue, the problem is a fsck warning that stop the load.

    I need to modify some line on entries to view this problem.

  • Add this to the boot line when grub comes up


    Maybe that will help.

  • I should have said,
    Enter E
    when promped at grub,
    then go to linux line an add

    maybe after ‘quiet’

  • Did what I suggested work?

  • Can’t say now how to fix anything. . . I had issues re-formatting my drive. . . . and after several failed attempts to re-install the software OS from disk I just gave up and installed Fedora 24 which is running without issues. The installers for this OS like Manjaro are far from perfect especially when using a GPT partitioned 3-gig drive. Nothing but problems and issues. It seems to me the developers need to go back to the drawing board and fix the installation problems from disk ( all 3-installers) i.e. cnchi, cli, and the 3rd one whatever it is called. Then get this to work on GPT drives without problems. . . then address kernel updates without crashing the whole system based on what type of filesystem you’ve partitioned with. . . . .It looked very promising initially after my successful installation but since then I just gave up, for now but will come back again in the near future. . . . xfs also made installation so easy but it seems I’ve had nothing but issues getting the drive re-partitioned. (used gparted, and OS disks. ) Finally gave up and installed Fedora which took far less time without any installation and drive partition issues. Thnx. . .

    Rich ;)

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