• How do I move /home to a different drive?

    After a fresh install to a SSD, I have /home on the SSD. I need to know how to move it to a seperate drive. Can someone help with a how to?

  • Hi,

    1. Create new partition on the new drive with gparted and format it (I recommend ext4).
    2. Mount it on /mnt : sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt (change sdb1 to your real partition)
    3. Copy your /home to the new partition: sudo cp -ax /home /mnt
    4. Tell Antergos to mount your new home on boot. Edit /etc/fstab and add:
      /dev/sdb1 /home ext4 defaults 0 0
      Change sdb1 with your new partition and change ext4 if you’re using a different filesystem.

    This last step will not erase your /home from your SSD, but from this point all info will be stored in your new partition.

    I hope this helps you get started.

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