• UEFI bootloader vanished

    Hi all!

    I have problem with my BIOS (bootloader) in MSI GE60 notebook.
    First, i had installed Xubuntu with Windows 8 dualboodit (uefi)

    I wanted to install Antergos, so i created live usb and did it as before (month ago).
    I created uefi boot, / and home. Everything went fine until restart. When i did it, computer enters automaticly to BIOS. It dont begin to try to boot from cd/usb/disk (nothing)
    Boot works only in Legacy but not in UEFI or UEFI-CSM.

    Guys, what’s wrong?

  • I created uefi boot, …

    Which loader did you use? systemd-boot or grub?

  • Do you know that your UEFI must be vfat?

    Boot works only in Legacy but not in UEFI or UEFI-CSM.

    That’s bad. Are you sure that when you installed Antergos you didn’t have legacy boot selected in your BIOS?

    Can you run lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,MOUNTPOINT,UUID and post the results here?

  • I know the previous systems worked flawlessly (including antergos ).

    system definitely works in UEFI

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