• A way to change kernel on Live USB


    Sorry for this (stuipd?) question, but, my objective is install this Antergos on my pc, but still not booting the live usb.

    Well, on other distros I saw when I install the kernel 4.7, the distro boots without problems, and, here is the question…

    • Is there a way to “put” on installation usb live this 4.7 kernel??

    Only to try to boot and install Antergos…I like it!!

    Thank you!!

  • First, I’d say your question is not stupid, at least to me. Second, I can’t help you with this question but, in parallel, I’d suggest you to write/publish/attach here relevant messages/screen/files of the error, so that you open 2 fronts to get your objective: to install Antergos (which is in IMHO one of the best OS)
    Best of luck…

  • Oh!!
    Well, I can’t post any error or message because I can’t view nothing on screen, only black screen appears.
    On other distros, appears an error approx. like this: “no ums module in radeon” or somthething similar, i don’t remember exactly. This error dissapears on kernel 4.7rc6.
    Knowing this, I stay on manjaro waiting the kernel 4.7 on live Antergos, then, I come here in one second !!
    Sorry but this is all info i can write, and “talking” on irc and your reply, the “easy” way" to change the kernel on live usb seems not exists.
    Thanks again !!

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