• Gtk trouble

    Hello guys!

    I messed around with the login manager and tried gdm instead of lightdm. I could login as expected but the gtk theme was different than I set and the global menu is not working, the windows have the icon in the top left corner with the menu. I switched back to lightdm but it is still the same, also num is always deaktivated, before I played around it was activated all the time.

    I can change shell theme but not gtk+ theme nor icon theme.
    When I login with GNOME Wayland selected, theme is working, but still no ‘global menu’… in lightdm.conf I can’t find anything wrong…
    Does anyone know what I could do? Please help me with that.

  • With a new created user, the themes and global menu (or top bar menu, I don’t know how this is called) work like expected, not shure about num lock… I then looked into the ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini and compared both, for my ‘broken’ user there was only one line triggering dark theme… I pasted the other values and changing themes in the settings.ini works after log off/log in. Gnome-Tweak-Tool still not working…

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