• Problems with rEFInd and Macbook Pro

    Hi all,
    So I successfully installed Arch yesterday and have been pretty happy with it (aside from the fact I can’t seem to figure out the WiFi but that’s irrelevant now). I had an install of windows on another partition but after installing Arch I couldn’t see it, all that came up when I booted was an Antergos screen. So I thought maybe installing rEFInd would solve my problem. I used the refind-install command and then rebooted to try it out. When I rebooted nothing happened. The screen turned on and it was just black. If I hold down option while booting to pick a startup disk there is still only one option and when I click on it it seems to just freeze. I can still boot into my original Antergos USB and so things from there but that’s it. I have no idea where to go from here. Any help or guidance would be fantastic.

  • @imaoreo: Please provide more specs from your MacBook Pro.
    Is this a dual or triple boot? Which systems + version?
    More info can help, you know.

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