• Using package installer (cnchi?)

    Hello !
    thanks first this good way to install and use Arch and Plasma KDE !
    I just done a fresh install, all works perfectly except the graphical installer of AUR, usin cnchi i think ? How do i install this ?
    When i search (alt+backsp) cnchi to install some softwares i dont find it…
    thanks for help !

  • Not sure what are you asking about.

    Cnchi is used for Antergos installation only. Once the OS is installed, Cnchi is not used anymore. AUR usage may be enabled (or disabled) in Cnchi during Antergos installation.

    Once Antergos is installed, two graphical package managers may be used to work with AUR packages. They are pamac (installed by default) and pacmanxg.

    An excellent CLI-only alternative to both is yaourt package manager (also installed by default).

  • Yes i just saw that !
    Thanks ;)

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