Hello, im newer to the linux game only having used it for a month or two and i decided to move from ubuntu (running kde plasma) to antegros for a more costomised experience and i have been having alot of trouble installing it. After a successfull install (with a seperate /home) i turned off the computer and rebooted but grub didnt appear. I tried alot of different fixes from various forums but none of them seemed to work. I decided to try the ubuntu dedicated boot repair live cd and that didnt work but after i got the url http://paste.ubuntu.com/18277612/
I have a uefi bios (secure boot disabled but i tried it enabled also) and when I installed ubuntu i had problems as well with the bios not knowing where grub was. Also i am using an Acer laptop with an intel chip. *Im sorry the title used to say gnome 2 i had a brain fart