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    I’m new here and just started troubleshooting some issue with Antergos. Probably I’ll spend some of my time here on forum but tell me please - is there a way to change default theme? For me it’s not readable. I would like to have compact and simple. Current layout has too much of spacing everywhere and I don’t have a feeling that it uses space on my screen at all.

  • It is not possible to change the forum theme. The theme is the way it is to match the website and wiki look and feel.

  • its not readable? can you screenshot to show us what you mean.

    im not sure @Wyn this doesnt give extra options for themes? im not familiar with nodebb myself but its pretty advanced i would guess it probably has options to give users more display options. see what @lots-0-logs thinks about that.

    would be kinda cool to have a few themes to choose from 😎

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