• Antergos live USB - freeze & reboot


    I have some issue with Antergos as it freezes for few seconds and then reboots my machine. It’s being run from live USB.

    Thinkpad T61 with nVidia Quadro 140M

    My only idea is that Antergos uses some problematic set of default drivers/settings which causes this issue because I’m using Arch as main OS on this machine and it works stable (freezes happen, but on rare occasions).

    Any ideas where to start with troubleshooting this?

  • @jakub said in Antergos live USB - freeze & reboot:

    …where to start with troubleshooting this?

    From LiveUSB preparation. How it was done?

  • @just said in Antergos live USB - freeze & reboot:

    From LiveUSB preparation

    It was created by issuing command:

    sudo dd bs=4MB if=antergos-2016.06.18-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdc status=progress && sync
  • @jakub Perfect. Did you already try to boot with nouveau drivers disabled?

  • no. not yet. I assume I should append this as boot option.

  • @jakub Yes, sure.

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