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    First of all, I came over from Ubuntu. I gotta say that I am just in love with Antergos. Everything is fast and convenient. Except for when it comes to getting a proper LEMP stack going. I am really struggling with 403 permission denied when it comes to getting server blocks (virtual hosts) working with Nginx. I have tried so many different things that my head is really just spinning and this down time is costing me real world money and time that I can not afford. I have followed myriad different online tutorials for Arch/Antergos that make this process look incredibly easy. I am going to link you to my stack overflow rather than repaste a bunch of information, please see the relevant information there.


    If I can not get this resolved today I will be forced to go back to Ubuntu, and maybe that is what I should do. Not even mad at this point anymore, I simply need the tools to work.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hi there! I responded to your SO question 😃 Cheers!

  • Hey thanks, I gave you an upvote but it is not yet visible on SO. My rep is not high enough. For the time being I have switched back to Ubuntu Gnome. I really appreciate you taking the time though.

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