Dear Forum,

I’m experiencing very annoying problems with my new used office machine:

HP Compaq ML 6300 Pro - i3 3220 running on CPU graphics. The mainboard only offers VGA and DisplayPort. I plan to use only the DP connection.

However, the installation was already tricky, since I could get the BIOS screen only on the VGA output. No options in the very limited BIOS to adress that, I can only switch off CPU graphics altogether in case I install a dedicated graphics card. Which I am not planning to do.

Installed Antergos from the Live ISO and went for KDE. It worked somehow in this weird DH setup, but when I couldn’t find any possibility to move the startmenu/bottom panel from the VGA screen to the DP screen, I gave up. Disabling the VGA output in KDE settings only switched that screen off, the start menu remained there, which rendered the setup completely unusable. KDE still is not fit for everyday use, It appears.

Installed the trusted XFCE, which gave me better setup options to assign elements to the connected screens.

But still: Every time I reboot I see the BIOS/POST screen appear on my 27" DP screen, then the console startup, but when the login agent takes over, the DP screen goes dark and switches off. No input signal. The only way of signing in to XFCE or KDE is to attach the old VGA screen, reboot (!) and then get a login offer on the legacy screen. And only there. The 27" DP stays dark until XFCE is up and running, only then can I remove the VGA and switch it off in the settings.

What am I missing? How can I fix this annoying behaviour? I just want a single DP screen to work properly on a vanilla installation of Antergos with XFCE…

Thanks in advance for your help!