I run Antergos Linux on a Dell XPS 13 notebook, ext4 filesystem. When I install a new kernel ou upgrade a kernel, I see the following warning:

WARNING: keymap: hook specified, but no KEYMAP found in configuration

I do not a /etc/vconsole.conf file .

[email protected] ~ $ mkinitcpio -L
==> Available hooks
autodetect filesystems mdadm resume shutdown usr
base fsck mdadm_udev sata¹ sleep virtio¹
block fw¹ memdisk scsi¹ strip
btrfs hostdata mmc¹ sd-encrypt systemd
consolefont keyboard modconf sd-lvm2 udev
dmraid keymap pata¹ sd-shutdown usb¹
encrypt lvm2 pcmcia sd-vconsole usbinput²

¹ This hook is deprecated in favor of ‘block’
² This hook is deprecated in favor of ‘keyboard’

[email protected] ~ $ mkinitcpio -H usbinput
==> This hook is deprecated. See the ‘keyboard’ hook

[email protected] ~ $ localectl status
System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
VC Keymap: n/a
X11 Layout: ml,us
X11 Variant: us-intl,

My keyboard layout: English (Mali, US international)

Suggestions are welcome.