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    Why is it that installing Antergos with Cnchi is a hit and error experience every other time, after it has been updated? One would expect this kind of problems should be solved by now. How am I ever going to convince people to use Antergos?

    This time I got the following error: 173087
    I have tried to install different DEs with the same result. Cnchi seems to download all the required packages but is not able to finish the installation.

    With the April version I had similar problems. Then, the May version worked flawless. Now again Cnchi is not working. Maybe it really is time to start to use the Calamares installer, or add it as an option. Cnchi is beautiful when it works but still has too many problems.

  • Thanks!
    Seems something is wrong with the installer… again.
    Unfortunately it just happens too often.

    Will give it a try again tomorrow.

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