• Error Number 171605. Having trouble with packages...

    @ta.maffia said in Error Number 171605. Having trouble with packages during install.:

    Ok found some more info.

    I did another fresh install with Cinnamon instead of Gnome and ran into the same problem. The only thing I didn’t do was disable some of the mirrors in antergos-mirrorlist. I tried again with Cinnamon, after disabling almost all of the mirrors as I did the first time I got it to work. I left only the top two United-States mirrors and the Canada Mirror. I disabled all of the others. The installer functioned correctly.

    My guess is that there is a problem with one of the mirrors and Cnchi currently isn’t handling it as expected. Cnchi 0.14.106

    Same here: just USA and Canada mirrors and installed at first try.

  • @joaojotta @ta-maffia

    It was fixed fairly quickly but some mirrors like to take their time processing :(. The Canada server updates every hour.

  • Appears fixed. I had that issue all day yesterday as well; today’s install attempt went like a charm without any mirror adjustments.

  • WOW! Was having grub issues after the mirror solution ta.maffia supplied, but I reinstalled immediately after hearing Cnchi was updated and I’m FINALLY online. That was frustrating, but I’m glad I’m finally able to play around with this OS. Openbox is so beautiful and clean. Thank you all!

  • This is one area that has to be fixed. I have seen so many problems with installs that it almost unbellevable. Manjaro, a cousin (sort of) has what seems very little problem installing.
    I am using an ancient version and it has worked every time.
    Cinchi needs to be fixed, for real.

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