• alsamixer / chromium / gnome taskbar volume issues

    Hi All,

    -edit- Originally thought this was a LightDM issues because switching to GDM fixed it - however GDM is doing the same thing now-

    I’m having issues with volume controls, and Chromium/Chrome when using LightDM. If I move the volume slider in the task bar it will freeze the computer for about 15 seconds. Also, if I launch Chromium (or Chrome) it takes about 15 seconds to launch, whereas Firefox will launch in about 2 seconds.

    At first I thought something goofy had happened with my Antergos install, but after a fresh install the problem still persists. Also, thinking it might have been an issue with Gnome I tried a fresh install with KDE, as well as LXDE. Same issue.

    I just discovered if I switch from LIghtDM to GDM the issue goes away! Volume adjust works great, and Chrome launches right away. Has anyone else experience this? Is there a fix that would allow me to use LightDM again?

    This is on a circa 2010 HP Envy 14 laptop running an Intel i5-540M, 4gb ram, Samsung 840 Evo SSD. Using the integrated Intel GFX on the i5 cpu.

  • After having this issue for quite some time, I was very happy to discover switching to GDM solved my issues.

    However, just after 2 days it’s now doing the same thing in GDM, and switching to LIghtDM or back to GDM does not fix it. I thought maybe I had installed a package that was causing it – after a botched attempt to install Telegram from AUR- as well as installing Guake and one other package. However after uninstalling Guake, and removing orphaned packages there’s been no difference to load time for Chrome…and adjusting volume in the taskbar freezes the machine again.

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