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    I just installed i3wm allong with my original install of openbox. In LightDm I just switch it from openbox to i3 via the button. As you can see rather than a prompt for me to put in my password, I get a message saying authentication failed. In openbox I do get the password box and everything works fine. It is only in i3 that I am unable to input my password. I tried mounting my second hard drive (ntfs) in i3 that has games on it, as well as remove a package to no avail. How can I get a password prompt in i3?

  • Anyone…

  • A polkit agent is needed. Check that you have one installed. What does the output of pacman -Qs polkit give to you?

  • Offtopic: I’ve been using i3 for a week now and I’m loving it.

  • @karasu something i still need to try 😎

  • local/polkit 0.113-4
    Application development toolkit for controlling system-wide privileges
    local/polkit-gnome 0.105-3
    Legacy polkit authentication agent for GNOME

  • [[email protected] ~]$ gufw
    ==== AUTHENTICATING FOR com.ubuntu.pkexec.gufw ===
    Authentication is required to run the Firewall Configuration
    Authenticating as: me
    polkit-agent-helper-1: error response to PolicyKit daemon: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: No session for cookie
    Error executing command as another user: Not authorized

    This incident has been reported.
    This is what happens when I try and run things from lxterminal, i verified that i am no another user by running echo $USER
    Also sorry for slow reply, been working alot

  • Hi,

    You must tell i3 to run your agent. Edit ~/.config/i3/config and add this line:

    exec --no-startup-id /usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1

    Hope this fixes it.

  • That solved it, thanks

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