• Which Antergos Desktop are you using?

    @gustavown it didnt used to be that way but ya its crazy buggy now.

    when you hear things like xfce is super stable thats typically from long time users who never use anything else. times change and so does software. for a time mate used to be super buggy but now its seems very solid.

    its just like that myth people love to push that Arch repos are unstable and system is going to crash all the time. they always like better use Ubuntu for a stable system lol lies! 😄 but some myths are hard to kill.

  • I’ve been a Cinnamon user it’s been probably more than a year and I don’t really plan on exchanging desktops any soon. I have tried XFCE, Gnome, MATE and KDE before, just didn’t find them quite my cup of tea.


  • i try some desktops offcourse but i always go back to Xfce :)

  • @megaman ubuntu is good for starters… but stable is also a myth :) is personal… :)

  • Another person chiming in with ‘plasma for life’ comment.

    It’s a bit buggy — especially if you’re using a laptop with external monitor, since kwin doesn’t like when total number of monitors changes while running. But then the plus side of things just blows everything else out of the water:

    • It has the most sensible workflow. Gnome3 is dumb.

    • No seriously I had to use Gnome 3 (because I always have antergos live USB on me. Antergos live uses gnome) a few times to unscrew a bad mess (thanks nvidia drivers and lightdm with its dumb default autorestart policy!). I went from 0 to triggered in 60 seconds flat. Connecting to a wireless network under Gnome 3 takes three times more clicks than it should. Windows 8’s Metro UI looks like the best and most intuitive UI ever made when compared to Gnome 3.

    • KDE software and QT stuff > “Gnome” software and GTK stuff.

      • In file maager department, Dolphin > anything else.
      • Okular has practically zero contenders.
      • Kate is pretty decent for coding.
      • When I got absolutely pissed at Amarok’s quirks, I tried to find a decent music player because that’s one thing that are a dime a dozen on linux. I always came back to amarok. Audacious and Clementine get honorable mentions, but Clementine doesn’t have fully rebindable keys IIRC. I’m not entirely sure why I don’t like audacious anymore. Oh wait, actually I remembered — no decent way to search playlist.
      • I thought VLC was the best video player. Then I started playing my movies off a network share. VLC does a piss-poor job at that. SMPlayer, on the other hand … It’s also in Qt.
      • Transmission has Qt version.
      • GTK file dialog is honestly inferior to kdialog. Every other option for file dialogs that’s not kdialog tries their hardest to make the act of choosing a file or a folder as painful as possible.
      • Kmix > anything else
      • Krunner is a cute little useful af thing.
    • KDE has QtCurve. Non-Qt DEs seem to have have no equivalent. QtCurve also allows for transparent window backgrounds (which GTK doesn’t seem to), and dark themes work really well when you have window background transparency.

    • Qt > GTK. When I want to change system colors in KDE, there’s a section in settings for that. Trying to change colors for GTK themes was … frustrating, to keep it mild/SFW).

    • KDE offers plenty of options for tweaking the interface right out of the box.

  • @ringo32 yes ubuntu is good for starters ill give them that. not as many updates is easier for new users to deal with.

  • I have no idea where this thread is going, but @megaman couldn’t you just install a different file manager within KDE (if you don’t like dolphin) or is that something system breaking/more complicated than I think it is?

  • @linuxhelmet said in Which Antergos Desktop are you using?:

    I have no idea where this thread is going, but @megaman couldn’t you just install a different file manager within KDE (if you don’t like dolphin) or is that something system breaking/more complicated than I think it is?

    oh sure i could just get another file manager 👍 i thought KDE looked very nice and was pretty easy to customize. Cinnamon though just seems to fit me better.

  • I am using OpenBox for 2 years now : ) Pretty stable and fast. I love minimalistic design so it was choice #1 for me : ) The lightDm is kinda bitchy so I had to change it to lxdm… Also Antergos OpenBox has bug in compton config. The shadow-exclude has to be array of apps. Now you have duplicated entries of shadow-exclude and the rest of the config is not working by default because of that. (The fading, dimming and animations).

    I love my Antergos with OpenBox <3

  • @HowP i had to make some changes to my compton because of screen tearing. theres actually a lot of good compton configs out there you can try out. im with you though openbox is easily my favorite kind of desktop 👍

  • @Jeannie__ give Cinnamon a try.

  • I moved to Antergos in search for a stable GNOME distribution. My first year was quite bumpy, had to reinstall the system few times. I cannot even remember when was the last time I had issues, despite regular updates. I’m mainly using ancient Vaio SZ55, and GNOME works really well. Funny how people complain about GNOME being non-desktop or resource hogging, for me it’s quite the opposite, plus it’s a desktop where I tend to use more keyboard shortcuts - it doesn’t get in the way of my work. And I use it for work, statistics, tables, writing. Tried QGIS but with the amount of RAM limited to 4gb is simply impossible. Re nautilus, I sort of agree, or agreed, these days I simply use tabs, but yes, more flexibility or options would definitely be welcomed.

  • @vlad compared to some other desktops it one of the heaviest. doesnt really mean much these days though if you have some halfway decent hardware. i have a quad core right now that is 3 years old and it flys around well on Gnome 👍

    i think the non desktop comes from the fact its also made for tablet interfaces. i just think it depends how you work. some of us folks are so used to the regular desktop look and feel.

  • @megaman I know it is one of the heaviest. And though I run it on core2duo and gma965 I am quite happy with the performance. Yes, it takes a lot of ram compared to xfce or lxde (I even tried openbox on this machine) which are ‘blisteringly’ fast compared to GNOME - until I open programs I need (usually Libre writer and calc, plus some data/stats analysis or visualisation, depending on the day, and mail in the background), and all the advantage in speed is gone, if not worse, not to mention ease of use. It seems that on any reasonably recent hardware the amount of ram is more important than the DE used. Seems that gains in ‘lightness’ aren’t that gainful, just load a large-ish database and there you go, stuck with the ram issue regardless of DE. But that’s my experience on this particular machine, another laptop and a phenom II based desktop. GNOME on Antergos these days is absolutely rock solid.

  • Using KDE Plasma 5 and XFCE in Antergos !!

  • @Jeannie__

    to create a new file in Nautilus

    Gnome have got their own mysterious ways. The loss of this and other such functions are considered …new and innovative features !!!👎


  • @anarch i like how you put that 😆

  • LXQT has not votes! lets boot it and replace it with another DE :) i vote for Budgie. good lightweight DE.

  • @megaman

    Budgie. good lightweight DE

    I wouldn t consider it as lightweight. It is as minimalistic as Gnome is without its extensions. But I did NOT see any serious change towards system resources consumtion. I uninstalled it before starting loading it with gnome goodies.
    After al…
    “We ship our own desktop, the Budgie Desktop. Unlike some other desktops, this is not a fork, rather it aims for full integration into the GNOME stack. It’s written from scratch, and is specifically designed to cater for the experience Solus is offering. We work with upstream GNOME here as much as we can, contributing fixes, and advocate and support their work.”
    Ikey Doherty, core developer of Solus

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