• Which Antergos Desktop are you using?


    After a couple of weeks of test running Antergos with Gnome (which was a very smooth ride nonetheless, compared to Gnome 3 when it was first released), switched to XFCE. Gnome just has too many little quirks that bug me, eg. mouse drag selection in Files not working with list view (+10 year old bug report and still not fixed). Files right click open in terminal hardcoded in Gnome. Not being able to auto align windows on the left or right side of the screen because Gnome hardcoded (again) that you need a minimal screen size for that (while 1367x768 is apparently not big enough). Etc… And funny issues with Wayland/Mutter, eg. no window decorations for certain apps, apps that you can click through, etc…

    At least with XFCE I have full control and am able to change everything to my liking.

  • i Use Xfce again … :) Just desktop hopping… :) Is just also what you just to use also… Xfce got good feateres , Gdm is sure more modern… only some part is just not build with it like Gdm… Gdm is not growth with te desktop as userfriendly :) Gdm is older as Sddm, but gdm is not changed a bit…µ

    i use Sddm :) Xfce slock xautolock + xautolockctl script :)

  • Openbox.

  • @megaman Make mine MATE! After long experience with xfce i was ready for a change. Not a unity fan, for me gnome 3 would be for tablets, and kde too much like windows. Thought I’d like lxqt, but not so much, at least so far. Not a fan of the Cinnamon look, so i didn’t think I’d like Mate either, Turns out I’d only seen it in the Mint look. The other two mate look options are very pleasing to me, intuitive, and stable. Second choice is lxde. Sure hope someone keeps developing it after the lxqt switch. My only concession now is Focuswriter is my word processor of choice, and that requires tons of qt stuff. Ah well…

  • Xfce
    After 4 years with Ubuntu and 5 years with Xubuntu, I migrated to Antergos two days ago and it works like a charm.

  • @Noel Great to hear! With your linux experience i think you’ll find Antergos nearly as user friendly for most tasks and much more up to date. I recall the days of program developers saying “That bug was fixed long ago but unfortunately hasn’t yet made it into the ubuntu repositories.” No such issue with Antergos/Arch! Welcome aboard!

  • Originally a Ubuntu user, but after Unity became the default DE in Ubuntu I tried RedHat, SUSE, Mandriva. Then I discovered LinuxMint version 10 (2010), and felt like home. I have always been a Mate guy since then. While on Mint, I tried some other DE and WM, like Cinnamon, OpenBox, Awesome and i3 (I loved i3). But I’ve always went back to Mate.
    About 6 months ago I decided to dive into the distribution sea again and try something new. Arch way the way. Tried Architect, then Manjaro with KDE Plasma. After a few weeks, when I had to use a computer with LM Mate, I realized I loved Plasma, even though it had given me some very hard moments (it was my first experience with KDE). But after a few months Manjaro became somehow “broken”, froze upon start sometimes, Plasma wouldn’t (re)start, it crashed more and more often. As I’ve always kept my /home on a separate partition, I decided to give Arch one more chance, Antergos this time. First Budgie, very nice, but not ready for everyday work; tried to install Mate, but it went bad. Didin’t look good at all. I was very disappointed.
    Fresh install of Antergos, Gnome this time. I have to say I like it (combination of Vertex-dark for GTK3, Breeze-dark for icons and mouse cursor, Arc-Grey-Dark for Gnome-shell). It seems solid. What I dislike a lot is that one has to use a lot of addons to make it usable. Currently there are 16 shell extensions active on my system and still I miss some basic things like a task-switch panel. No, TaskBar extension doesn’t work for me - it changes the look (font size) of the panel, it often prevents the desktop from starting. I had to stop using it.
    Any tips on TaskBar replacement?

  • @megaman genome gnome
    tough question. a bit heavy and extensions sometimes crash, but the features it offers are unbeatable. a final transition towards wayland would make me say gnome is the best, but yet a bit buggy and extensions are having problems. mutter wayland lightdm gdm whirly stormy chaos atm, but still fills my heart with love and thankfulness toward the devs. i made my choice. 😗

  • @megaman XFCE. Been using Antergos XFCE installed with the BIOS in legacy mode for seven months as of yesterday and love it. Thank you Antergos.

  • I’ve been using XFCE for a long time now. Think I’m going to start using GNOME more

  • Cinnammon.

  • i just switched to xfce and it looks good after some changes

  • I started out with Antergos a while back trying to install the MATE desktop but I only got a black screen. Then I installed KDE Plasma 5 and ran it for a while. But KDE has never been my thing for some reason. I tried Gnome and didn’t like the WTF tablet interface, and finally got MATE installed but decided to try Cinnamon. Cinnamon has been a champ so far. Absolutely not issues. Since then it’s been Cinnamon all the way.

  • after several months on Gnome i decided to go back to my good ol Openbox :)

  • At home: A. Gnome and A. openbox to play with desktop configurations
    At job: MacOS Finder :-P because that’s what we use to get the job done, otherwise the software and workflow get messed up and my colleages will get confused. ;-)

  • Why anything else than XFCE?

  • @mirco Many reasons why not. If you have one of the new-ish laptops with touch screen as your production machine you may actually appreciate gnome… On my main laptop (12GB ram) I don’t have a touch screen, but use gnome because it’s the fastest (I rarely stray off keyboard to work with mouse/touchpad), most stable in my experience based on 4 computers, and the fact that I can concentrate on my work rather on the desktop or decorations. I have XFCE on my 2 old laptops, tried it on the new one, and it’s great, but not as smooth as a production platform as the new gnome. I really love XFCE because it reminds me of my youth, win98 etc… ;)

  • I like Cinnamon, Xfce, and MATE the most I have to admit, in no particular order. I don’t really favor one of them over another. All three are tremendous. Ubuntu’s MATE distro is probably the best in class for that DE (just my opinion).

    I just can’t warm up to KDE/Plasma and I can’t put my finger on why not. I could warm up to GNOME, I think, especially if I had a touch screen or tablet, although it is nice for working from the keyboard. You really don’t need to use the mouse much to get around in GNOME, so there’s that. I don’t like the file manager much but I suppose I could swap it out if I wasn’t lazy. I’ve got a 6GB RAM laptop sitting around. I might give Antergos GNOME another go on that one just to see how often I’d have to use the touchpad. The last time I tried my function keys for brightness wouldn’t work, which is just minor annoyance.

  • @mirco said in Which Antergos Desktop are you using?:

    Why anything else than XFCE?

    just depends how you use your computer and what kind of hardware you have. i think XFCE is a good solid desktop that most users can use easily. there are a lot more modern looking desktops now that might appeal to users.

    i dont think XFCE has updated anything in several years.

  • i do Desktop hopping lately but , always go back for xfce, i use te orginal xfce menu and the appfinder menu but i use own key setup :) dont need the whsiker actually :)

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