• Which Antergos Desktop are you using?

    Ya, Linux is all about choice; it’s fun to debate though :-) I used KDE until plasma 5. I know have cinnamon on my primary desktop & use mate on my school comp

  • @megaman , here s my desktop. Can you imagne what it is?🐤

  • @megaman


    It s…Kgnome plasma 5👼
    My effort to combine the simplicity, clean looks and workflow of Gnome3 with the advanced features and customizability of KDE!
    Gosh, isn t Linux wonderful?👍

  • @Jeannie__ , clean and straightforward!👍

  • @Jeannie__ back to mate?

  • @anarch thats an interesting idea ;) maybe that will be a new desktop for Antergos 😆 Kgnome Antergos 👍

  • i went back to openbox LOL 😇 i thought Cinnamon was pretty good though 👍 i liked it a lot but the lightning fast speed of openbox always pulls me back.

  • @Jeannie__ im glad someone suggested that. not sure who that was though 😎

  • i always go back to xfce , took some experience from i3 to it :) but further which desktop you use :) if you feel familiar then is ok :)

  • Xantergos :)

  • Openbox and GNOME

  • Gnome, not by choice. Mate is broken at the moment…
    And I wish someone ported Unity… (Dont slam me to hard 😇 )
    And last I always replace Nautilus with Nemo…

  • Cinnamon at first. And After all have been setupped, I switch to Awesome.

  • just made the switch from xfce to gnome

  • @Jeannie__

    I switch to Gnome every 6 months for about 30 minutes

    Why? You know your taste, you know your needs,

  • @Jeannie__ You are our hero!!! (i guess… :o)

  • @Jeannie__ i thought you were liking Cinnamon? you give up on it also?

  • It’s all Xfce for me. Maybe one day I’ll get adventurous and try LXQT or KDE, but for right now, Xfce is plenty cozy enough for me.

  • @Jeannie__

    Unfortunately my experiences with Gnome 3 haven’t improved since Gnome 3 was introduced.

    Well, the general idea of Gnome3 is not going to change drastically. Only minor changes and fixes. You d better stick to the documentation and a couple of youtube videos.
    Maybe you should give a couple of extensions that give it a gnome2/mate feel and improve its workflow. Actually, I ve configured both my gnome and KDE installationw to look identical (I didn t stand the MS Windows look of plasma) 👎
    This, I mean the looks, also goes for…XFCE!


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