• Which Antergos Desktop are you using?

  • Plasma for life.

  • Antergos + Gnome = Rock solid & stable 👍

  • Using Mate 1.14 (Marco-compton) and Lxde (Openbox + Compton).

  • Used to be XFCE but after 3.20 Gnome release its been Gnome ever since, quite stable with no major issues.

  • Gnome, Installed a year ago and is used every day, several hours, solid !!!

  • Hi,

    Openbox, then Gnome, then Plasma (buggy at the time), then Enlightenment (another annoying window selecting bug), then Plasma again (finally it works, but I still feel it it’s too similar to Windows™), so now Gnome again.

    So, my answer is, at this very moment, Gnome.

    It’s not that I don’t find the one I like, it’s more that I cannot decide which one I like the most.

    Oh, and I haven’t given MATE or Cinnamon an opportunity yet, to be honest.


  • I have tried Plasma 5 on opensuse, debian, manjaro, and IMHO the one that works best is Plasma 5 on Antergos, although I do like MATE DE very much too, but Plasma 5 gives me more control on customization OOTB and looks very good too!😏

  • Can’t vote…no choice for all of them ;) kidding kidding

  • Plasma or bust

  • im actually thinking about hopping from openbox to another desktop after my new PC is built for better 4k monitor support. although i still love me some openbox :bowtie: was leaning towards gnome but man they make it so hard to make it a workable desktop. i mean with the file manager nautilus they took tree view away in the sidebar 😠 that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard of. that is something that is very useful for a lot of people and you take it away? they are pushing this for tablets so hard they taking away from desktop users. yes i know they have the extensions and ive played with them but it shouldnt be so much work just to have a OS for the desktop. Gnome no doubt though is very solid 👍

    KDE is very nice also but again getting to the file manager dolphin which is very nice but whenever you drag to another folder it wants to prompt you to move or copy every time. why can’t i just let the file manager know what i want for default? this makes no sense?
    overall though KDE is also a very nice looking desktop.

    Mate seems to be really taking off and i can understand why. most everyone loved gnome 2 interface and now its back updated 👍

    XFCE been solid for so many years but here we go again with the file manager 😆 Thunar crashes on file moving and the bug is almost a year old. seriously XFCE? 😕 i feel xfce is being left behind in the dust by other desktops correct me if im wrong on this.

    ive never used LXQT. i think if you want something that light i would just use openbox.

    ill probably give Cinnamon a good shot on my new PC. HiDPI support and a file manager that actually has tree view in sidebar. the Desktop is actually built for the desktop like it should be. ive read they are looking in to wayland support. i can also keep using Tint2 which i think is a very underrated and dynamic task bar.

    i run a small business from my Antergos desktop so a good file manager is really important. yes i know i can install alternative file managers and sometimes i do but i feel the desktop should come with a good one.

    everyone uses their desktop different though. just wanted to see what the community was using.

  • Very good points about nautilus, this is the reason for my work laptops and PC I use Ubuntu, no surprises in DE.

  • Mate and Gnome, gtk rules :D

  • @Arup-Roy-Chowdhury

    I use Ubuntu, no surprises in DE.

    So, apart from the Gnome & Mate DEs, are you suggesting

    • Kantergos
    • Xantergos
    • Lantergos
      flavors? 😆
  • @megaman right-click then “move to” or “copy to” are beautiful things if you take the time to use them. You also have to look at who you are polling. More than likely I doubt many are using it for their business (not saying some don’t, just saying the numbers are probably skewed).

    This leads me to think more people use Antergos for personal usage. So maybe what’s key for them isn’t for someone using it for business.

    Just use what works ;)
    Sounds like you don’t need anything flashy but more something that just “gets stuff done” in which case Cinnamon may work out great.

    Me personally, I use whatever bleeds fast but still looks amazing doing it. I look for the Ferrari’s in the DE world. Less resources? Awesome. Faster? Do it. Break stuff? Sure as long as I can still function and look good doing it! It’s a hard balance but I seek them out. #Picky

  • @linuxhelmet 0_1466782649701_eGhxejYyMTI=_o_aint-got-time-to-bleed.jpg

    i ain’t got time to “move to” or “copy to” 😆

    this extra moves wont bother some people but ive been using file managers for 20 years and always had the handy tree in the sidebar. seems crazy not to have it or to make moving files longer with extra clicks. but this is just one part of a desktop but to me very important.

    i dont know how many people use Arch/Antergos for business but i would see no reason why you shouldnt. my few years on Antergos have been the most solid and stable of my time on Linux. Ubuntu and Manjaro experienced many crashes of the system. my time on Debian using Crunchbang very solid also 👍

    oh im sure most people use Antergos for personal use but myself find it solid enough for Business use. LTS or Debian im sure people might think is more stable and possibly it is. im happy to run my business on a Antergos machine though 👍

    you are very right. im a get stuff done kinda guy and the flashy stuff doesnt mean too much. thats why i love openbox so much. ill see how Cinnamon works out for me here in a few weeks when my new machine is built.

    when you say looks amazing what are you meaning? window affects or theme look?

  • @anarch PC Man file manager.

  • Gnome getting a lot of votes so far. im curious Gnome users…why gnome over Cinnamon?

  • @megaman I hate clutter on my desktop. Gnome gives me just what I need when I need it. 0_1466813605976_Screenshot from 2016-06-25 08-12-26.png

  • @Uzi im with you there 👍 i like my desktop clean as well.

    although Cinnamon doesnt have to have desktop icons. i typically turn them off myself.

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