• Networkmanager is Disabled - After Standby [not suspend]

    Hi everybody
    when my system is idle after going to standby mode [not suspend],
    networkmanager becomes disabled
    to solve this i have to

    rm /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state
    systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

    first: can i automate this process.
    second: after waking from standby, shutdown or restart button will go to login screen and even if i enter

    shutdown now
    reboot now

    system will show shutdown or reboot process message but get suspended instead.and when i hit physical power button it first wake up from suspend with blank screen then after 5-10 seconds restart or shutdown.

  • Are you using XFCE by chance? I have the same issue on Manjaro XFCE, but it only seems to affect certain hardware as it’s not broken on other machines. The temp solution is to downgrade the network manager applet to version 1.0.12-1. If your not using XFCE, I’m not sure then.

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