Long time ago, when I’m was on Kubuntu, Shutter with ver. 0.93.1 started deface (break) cyrillic filenames when upload with dropbox plugin (pic.1). And now with ver. 0.93.1-2 (on Arch/Antergos) I have the same. It is no matter what locale I use, ru_RU.UTF-8, ru_UA.UTF-8 or uk_UA.UTF-8
alt text

and also broken filenames in popup menu shutter tray-icon (pic.2)

alt text
In those days I just install older ver. 0.92 from ubuntu repository (there were two versions) and working without deface.
I create bugreport Cyrillic filenames with Dropbox Oauth upload but still the silence there.
Does anyone know how to fix it without installing older vresion?