• Problem with suspend resume

    I am running Antergos on HP Spectre X2 tablet, with kernel 4.5.6, GNOME, and LightDM
    Getting hibernation done is a nightmare, because you need to modify few things including grub, changing from GDM to LightDM, loading a swap partition, and kernel loader. That bit is finally done. It can now hibernate.

    But suspend remains troublesome. I can suspend it using systemctl suspend, or select it from the menu, or by closing the lid.
    Suspending looks fine, screen goes black, but when I turn it back on using the power button, it will show the exact screen situation. After 3 seconds, it just goes dead or shut down ungracefully as if something in the kernel do a hard switch-off to the table.

    Is there away to fix this? It’s pointless to have suspend when it always shutdown afterwards.

  • When the system shutdowns itself after resuming a suspension, start your tablet again and run this to check your logs:

    sudo journalctl -xb -1

    (The -1 is not to check the last boot but the previous one).


  • Please check the my journalctl output attached. It didnt just display the last session but the whole log.
    Cant figure out what causes it to shut down.

  • This post is deleted!
  • What’s this?

    HP HP Spectre x2
    Detachable/8146, BIOS F.05 10/22/2015

    Oh , and you don’t have the discovery avahi service enabled (other services are complaining, but it’s not crucial)

    sudo systemctl enable avahi-daemon
  • HP HP Spectre x2
    Detachable/8146, BIOS F.05 10/22/2015
    That’s the type of hardware as mentioned in my initial question, and its bios version.
    I am using HP Spectre X2 Detachable tablet

    It just crashed and shutdown as soon as the wifi is detected 3 seconds after resuming back to desktop.

  • Sorry, I was at the beach so no Internet there.

    Have you tried the lts kernel? (it’s the linux-lts package)

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