• Update error: impossible to hold the database

    Today when i started my pc and looked for updates i get this message saying that there had been an unexpected error while refreshing the databases and when i click on a pending update that i was planning to download another error appears saying that it failed to hold to the database.
    Does anyone knows what to do?

  • Please post the cnchi log in tmp/cnchi.log via pastebin.com

  • It wasn’t a cnchi error and there was not that log file but a pamac one.
    I tried to do an upgrade with pacman the it said that it couldn’t hold the database and also that there was a conflict with the package manager.
    It suggested to close it and to remove /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
    After deleting that file pacman and pamac started working again.
    Thanks anyway!

  • I guess the error message you got was not “impossible to hold the database”, but " impossible to lock the database ".
    This can happen when more than one update managers are running at the same time.
    What Desktop Environmentr are you running? Gnome shell (which I know) uses an updater of its own which you can find in Settings > Details, or in your programs… So, if after booting, try to either run pacman or get the pamac notification for new updates and respond immediately, gnome updater gets in the way and makes this mess.
    The solution is to either wait for some time so all running updaters finish their process or simply uninstal gnome updater

  • Yes that’s correct! (I had to translate from italian)
    I seem to have solved it doing what i said in the previous post but if it’ll happen again i’ll try what you said anarch.

  • …or leave it as is and remember:

    1. Don t run updates immediately after reboot but wait for some time.
    2. When you get notified for updates from paman, again, give it some time before you run it.
      What I personally did, because it is rather stupid to keep 3 updaters in my system, was to uninstall the gnome updater.
      An again, I use pamac only as a notifier alone. I always prefer updating via pacman. I have more control to what s installed this way.
      Just yaourt -Syua and get everything done from all repos.
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