• Very good review of Antergos Linux!

    I commented about Antergos and shared it on tweeter and facebook!

  • How does Antergos compare to Manjaro?

    Both are based on Arch Linux, so it is probably similar. I have not run Majaro yet.

    No…no. Manjaro do their own edits to make it incompatible with Arch. We can follow Arch down to the core.

  • Manjaro holds back updates in their own server whereas Antergos is pure ARCH with best installer and GUI customization and some real essential tools like built in Yaourt support, Chrome Pepper Flash and many other good stuff from AUR in Antergos repo. Also an excellent package manager aka PAMAC.

  • does manjaro still hold security updates also or did they fix that issue?

    i remember that being an issue when i was there. i just think Antergos does it right 👍

  • Don’t any of these reviewers know that when the question

    Continue with installation (Y/n)

    that the Default answer to any prompt like that is the CAPITALIZED letter.
    You do not have to type the Y/y to the answer to confirm that you wish to continue and not abort.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5hTDUfsQE0
    This is another good one from the same guy after a month of using Antergos, Please share!

  • @megaman actually they have revised their security policy so all security related packages gets updated as soon as Arch releases them.

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