• SMPlayer thinks it doesn't need to follow system colors?

    So I use SMPlayer because it turned out to be the most reliable thing for video playback on Linux, and it appears to be Qt app. I also use KDE (Plasma5, to be precise), which means that in theory SMPlayer really shouldn’t be causing too much problems.

    Of course, I’ve heard that SMPlayer recently (somewhere in the last 14 days) got an update and a bit of a facelift. While I was at first excited for the update, I soon learned that SMPlayer not looking ugly af is apparently never going to happen. Notice anything about this image?


    Yeah, SMPlayer sticks out like a sore thumb by not following my color scheme. Anyone knows how to force it to use system colors like literally every single other Qt app? (Yes I know gimp isn’t Qt)

  • under options - preferences - interface
    what kind of options are going on? you can tweak its interface so much. very cool color design you have i can understand wanting to match it.

  • @megaman

    So, interface settings:

    GUI: MPC (I've switched to basic since)
    Icon set: <whatever>
    Style: QtCurve

    I’ve dug a bit further and noticed that this is an issue when QtCurve style is selected. Doesn’t happen with Breeze or Oxygen (but then style doesn’t match, so I’m really just picking my poison here).

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