• Installed windows - lost grub

    Hi everyone.
    I wanted to dual boot with windows 10 for gaming so I installed it on a certain partition. Now my grub won’t load on startup so I can’t connect to antergos.
    I know it’s supposed to be restorable through Antergos live, can anyone tell me how, or refer a guide here please? Thanks ahead

  • There is something called grub rescue, havent used it, I think is an app to create a bootable pen drive in order to restore grub, but Im not sure of that, the only thing Im sure is that installing windows on a system with grub destroys grub, ALWAYS, for dual boot is always recommended to install first windows, if not you should be ready for this, but this matter is not as known as it should be, look in google for grub rescue and good luck!! (The other choice is reinstall antergos)

  • @Lancro many thanks to you.
    I managed to work it out using the following (awesome) guide http://askubuntu.com/questions/88384/how-can-i-repair-grub-how-to-get-ubuntu-back-after-installing-windows
    Only had to use the actual grub commands instead of ubuntu’s shortened ones

  • You re probably refering to the “Boot-Repair-Disk”. According to its description, it :

    1.Antergos Linux KDE plasma / Gnome 2.Ubuntu 18.04 64bit Gnome
    Intel Core2 Duo CPU P8400 2.26GHz‖ RAM 3908 MiB ‖ Dell Inc. 0F328M - Dell Inc. Latitude E6500
    Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics [8086:2a42] {i915

  • Probably, I heard of this tool years ago, it may have changed its name

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