• Sound device selection reset at each reboot

    I have installed antergos, with Cinnamon, I love Cinnamon, ok, I use USB Razer headphones, when the system starts they arent detected until some seconds have passed, so the system selects “line out” as default sound device, so I have to wait like 10 seconds each start of the system, and select again the headphones, is there any way to make my headphones sound at the start of the system and keep them as default in all boots?, thx.

  • Pulseaudio-equalizer resets as well (Cant edit original post, forum tells me I cant create a poll)

  • @Lancro said in Sound device selection reset at each reboot:

    …I use USB Razer headphones,…

    Try to remove block hook from autodetection, by placing it before the autodetect hook in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf. Remember to regenerate initramfs after that.

    This will make initramfs a few bytes larger, but could eventually solve the issue. Some years ago there was a specific usb hook, but now all block devices are placed together under the block.

  • Same… I edited the file and did

    sudo mkinitcpio -p linux

    Doesnt work, it keeps detecting the usb headphones 10 seconds after booting cinnamon.

  • I forced the USB headphones to be the only device in pulseaudio with

    sudo pavucontrol

    Now when system start sound is asssigned to a “dummy output” for some seconds, then it recognices the usb headphones and all works except the equalizer that resets again…

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