• Live USB Fails to Boot

    I’m trying to install Ategros on my System76 Oryx Pro and i cant get the Live USB to boot. I select the cd/dvd option and I get blank square graphics on my screen and nothing else. None of the other options in the boot list work either. Ive tried both the regular and minimal iso’s.

  • very nice laptop you have there (or not?). Totally made for Linux. Ships with the latest Ubuntu LTS as I understand.
    However, I’ve read some not so nice things about the developers of this laptop.
    From Reddit:

     They simply buy them from Clevo, re-brand them and flash a custom BIOS with a custom model number.


     They usually say "designed to run Linux" or "born to run Linux", which is misleading, because they don't do anything hardware wise


    You might be interested in reading the links further on down on this laptop and it’s devs. It’s entirely up to you.

    I hope that none of the things that I’ve read on there will or have happened to you. That would be unfortunate.

    As for the custom BIOS. That might mean a number of things. One being that there is no support for USB booting. That’s just my guess and I could be wrong.

    You mention that you have tried the other boot options. I assume that means you’ve tried USB booting and therefore does not work. Is this assumption correct?

  • How did you create the live usb? Have you tried it with another computer and if so, did you get the same result?
    From what I have seen so far, Skylakes are not so easy, I have seen quite a few and different issues. We ll have to eliminate them, starting right from the live media.

  • I am getting ERROR 163495 on fresh install to a M.2 Samsung hdd

  • @1911ssg , spying on Fedora, I found this work around. Is it of any good?

  • @anarch
    I used dd to write the USB and yes it works on a HP Elite Book. Im Leaning toward the Nvidia Geforce GTX being the issue. Still playing around with it.

  • To fix the nvidia GTX issue, just add to the end of the boot line


    Works in all distros, even debian based ones, you will start the installer in software rendering mode, select nvidia drivers at the installation, and thats all.

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