• Endless OS: A Remarkable Linux Distribution Unlike Any Other

    Hello Antergos Developers,

    I will thank you over and over for your superb work and appreciate everything you do.

    This is a general ‘heads up’ for your technical review:

    I would enjoy having your feedback on the article as I feel strongly that it represents an emerging trend. Feedback here and/or on my site please.

    Kind Regards

    (You may close this since it is not a problem ticket.)

  • I took a look at the OS it’s cute but only the backround changable. For newbies its great. I only tested virtually but its feels like simply works and easy to understand. Its live media is outstanding in that you can create a user account and a short setup wizard helps to set timezone and keyboard. The app center is great though.

    The full featured version is a bit bloatware IMO

    I wouldnt use it personally as its lacks of features like setting the panel and not much apps available compared arch or debian-ubunt based distros

    There is also a new packaging way http://www.ktechpit.com/linux/6828/

  • @diacska25 Understood.

    But, as I am sure you know, the intended market is mass ‘newcomers’ who won’t care about such features.

    The underlying BIG change is OSTree, again, the user won’t care but for the commercial or non-commercial concern it will matter. ;)

  • @dtschmitz maybe it’s because I’m no power user, but what is the great benefit of the OSTree against the repositories from Arch for example?
    I use Antergos since a long time and it seems I don’t completely understand and/or need to worry about those tech stuff…

  • @ferthelet Time will tell I suppose.

    For now, it doesn’t sway me from using Antergos.

    The key benefit is to the Developers and Maintainers of a Distro.

    “OSTree is a tool that combines a “git-like” model for committing and downloading bootable filesystem trees, along with a layer for deploying them and managing the bootloader configuration.
    OSTree is like git in that it checksums individual files and has a content-addressed-object store. It’s unlike git in that it “checks out” the files via hardlinks, and they should thus be immutable. Therefore, another way to think of OSTree is that it’s just a more polished version of Linux VServer hardlinks.”

    This is the first commercial Distro that doesn’t come with a traditional package manager.
    Updates are performed using ‘ostree admin’.

    How is this better than pacman makepkg combo? I am not sure. That is an open question for debate and my post is merely a ‘heads up’.


  • @Jeannie__

    Good one. ;)

    fyi, I wrote this story a few years ago:

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