• Graphical Installation error 159565

    I’ve tried the Cnchi graphical installation of Antergos three times, twice with the minimal ISO and once with the Live ISO. All three times I’ve gotten an error message right when the installation gets to 100%. Here’s the log file from the latest attempt in the Live ISO:
    [0_1465881684674_cnchi.log](Uploading 100%)
    At least, I think I got it uploaded… I can copy-paste if that didn’t work, I’ve still got the logs. I’m posting from inside the LIve ISO.

    The Cnchi version is 0.14.72

  • Hi, it looks like the installer update didnt complete when the iso booted. Sorry about that! Try rebooting, close the installer when it first starts, and then open gnome-terminal and run this command: pacman-boot. After the command finishes the installer will start automatically. Let us know how it goes 😃

  • I rebooted and ran the command. The command never seemed to close (I don’t know if it was supposed to), but Cnchi did boot and I was able to run it. However, I got another error: Cnchi can’t continue, error code 160044. (Logs: [0_1465913739290_cnchi.log](Uploading 100%) )

    I don’t know if this is really notable, but the little popup notification in the corner that says something like “Cnchi udpated, starting cnchi” didn’t ever close until I clicked on it.

    Sorry for the late reply, I posted before I went to sleep and tried the command when I woke up.

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